Psychological therapy session is 80€ for a 60 minute session.

Corporate services: Contact directly for a quote as it depends on services, hours and number of participants.

Financial Aid Elegibility

Depending on the treatment plan, therapy can get quite expensive if many sessions are required,so special rates can be negotiated as a package deal for people under tight financial situations like students, unemployed, etc.
These will be made in a case to case basis

How to Book

You can fill in the contact form in this website or send an email to cat.rivers.psychology@gmail.com including your phone number and you will be contacted in order to book a session.

Do i need a referral from a doctor?

No. I am a private clinician so you can book an appointment at your own convenience.

What to expect on your first session?

The first session you will be given a consent form to read, fill and sign. We will talk about the reasons for you seeking out therapy. An initial assessment and plan will be made and explained. We will agree on frequency and goals of the treatment.

Online Services

Video sessions can be held when geographical differences require so and also due to  changing restrictions due to covid, the sessions can be changed to video conferencing.